Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dragon Day

Today has been a hectic day for me, and I've got several stories yearning for my attention. So, rather than give detailed reviews today (though I will later on this week)  I'm going to list a handful of my favorite books.

More specifically, those centered around the theme or featuring my favorite fantasy creature. Dragons.

And check out the awesome cover art. 

Dragon's Blood:  Book 1 of Pit Dragon Chronicles by Jane Yolen. (This was my first introduction to dragons as a young person. It's classified as YA, but believe me, it works for adults too. Still re-read these.)

His Majesty's Dragon:  Book 1 of Tremaire Series by Naomi Novik. (Excellent alternate history. What if the Napoleonic era including dragons as the main air force for the Brits? History professor/teacher writes them. A little on the lecture side at times, but loved the wit and intelligence of the dragons)

Dragon Champion: Book 1 of Age of Fire series by E. E. Knight (It's pretty much a description of the coming-of-age of three dragon siblings. It stands above the rest, IMHO, for its originality -- the dwarves have glowing beards for example--and for the unique viewpoint through the dragon's eyes. The way it's handled is quite...different.)


  1. My to-read list keeps growing. Thanks for the recommendations!