Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sorry about the delay in posting. I've been plodding along with life and writing in general. Things get hectic as the summer ends and fall rolls into view.


I am happy to say that Veiled Memory is completed. Ended. Fine. (Of course, I still have editing to do) But I'm very satisfied with how it turned out. In fact, I enjoyed the characters so much that I'm about 10 chapters into a continuation. I'm debating between titles--Hungry Waters or Feeding Frenzy--(and I'll probably change those too, as I plan to do for Veiled Memory)

For now, it's VA and CN (Chax's Nightmare) I decided to give Chax some cameo time. You know, the hotshot blonde with the saucy tongue? He kept stealing the show from Azrael, so I thought I'd give him a show of his own. He's a lot quieter now, so that's a good thing. ;)

The epic fantasy series has shortened, somewhat. I'm working with Wind Song and Desert Blood right now, chapter at a time, editing Crystal Fire, and working my way thorugh Emerald Dragon as well. So far, I think I've figured out the order I want to do them.

The Crossroads Series (a pre-series, if you will)

1. Dragon King
2. Broken Sword
3. Shattered Dunes
4. Wind Song
5. Desert Blood

The Rim Trilogy (these titles in the trilogy are...flexible :)

1. Crystal Fire
2. Emerald Dragon
3. Fire Storm

Think I have enough planned? Ah, the writer's life. :)