Thursday, June 14, 2012

Release News -- Ishtar Flux

Ishtar Flux is now available for your reading pleasure. Those of you that adore my work, now you can have a little piece of it all to yourself. And if you have always wanted to sample it, well, here's your chance.

It's available as an e-book through Kindle for 99 cents and has a page on goodreads as well, right here.  Don't forget to leave a review, if possible. Good or bad, it can only help me improve.

Still unsure about picking it up?  Here's the basics.


Gaia’s unwanted partner, Akos, is going to end up killing her. Snide comments and bungling ineptitude in the art of war makes every scouting trip a nightmare. This mission, however, just got much worse. They discover an enemy camp with still-living captives. Derki keep prisoners for one end: the cookpot.

When the two band together for a hasty rescue attempt, they realize there’s more in common between them than they thought. When their presence is discovered, they are in need of rescue themselves.

Wounded in the first skirmish, Gaia is shocked when Akos returns to defend her. And even more surprised at the budding protectiveness that wells inside her as the Derki torment him. As daylight fades and their enemies gather for the final slaughter, Gaia must rely on Akos to survive the battle, and the growing chaos in her heart.

Inspired by the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, this is a fantasy novella with a whisper of romance.