Monday, January 17, 2011

Avoid This Contest and Publishing House

I'm not even going to compose much of a post, as Janet Reid states much more eloquently than I can all the wrong things going on with First One Publishing's new contest.

Other blogs, such as Enigma Inklings, have also mentioned it. Please, spread it around and post it if possible where other aspiring writers might be lurking. This contest is nothing more than a way to rip-off money and ALL publishing rights from new writers. (Oh yes, they ask for ALL rights, for eternity. Seriously bad contest)  Oh, and did I mention the $150, non-refundable fee just for entering?

Check out this POST


  1. I made sure to post it on Facebook for my friends and family there. Really sad how people will come up with all of these sleazy ways to rip people off instead of doing honest work.