Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awards Week

My first case of business would be the spiffy new award in my sidebar. Hi, Honest Scrap Award. Many thanks to Emily who nominated me, along with a few other bloggers, for this. Apparently, the tradition is to list ten unusual or odd things about yourself, and to nominate others. I'll start with the nominations. Don't want to scare my audience up front with my lunacy, do I?


Now, 'tis time for the craziness that is Liz.

10. The best snack for my artery-clogging moods is fries dipped in chocolate ice cream. Yum.

9. I create soundtracks for each of my novels/short stories to listen to while I'm working on them, and need that music most of the time in order to get into the right "mood".

8. I have been known to have arguments with my mirror, or a few stuffed animals, to puzzle out troublesome scenes

7. I have several friends from Canada. (Come on. That counts as weird, doesn't it?)

6. My highest dream is to meet or at least phone-meet the author Dean Koontz (I'd settle for a place on the NYT bestseller list though...)

5. I've texted myself snippets of description/characters/dialogue

4. Yes, I talk to myself.

3. I think of my characters as real people at times. To the point of crying while I'm writing them into painful situations.

2. I have scenes written in my head, that will never come out onto paper

1. I argue with my characters, when they disagree with my decisions. (my motto, in fact: Never argue with your characters; they always win.)

In lesser news, I also entered a longer short story (at 10k words) called Beast into a in-site writer contest, and won second place and a nifty purple cyber-ribbon. Which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and gives hope. My goal is to expand Beast into a novella, and then start shipping it out soon. Though there might be a snippet that makes a brief appearance here. Stay tuned.


  1. Fries dipped in chocolate ice cream, eh?
    I'd say "eww" if I didn't do it too.

  2. Congratulations on all the awards! Yep, I know some people who dip their fries in Frosty's. Eh. I think of my characters as real people too. One night when I was a teenager I was getting ready to go to sleep and thinking about the characters in the book I've been working on since I was ten. I thought, "I can't wait to meet them." Then got all sad when I remembered I had just made them up!

  3. @Brad

    hehe. I was introduced to it as a teenager, and fell in love. The funny looks I get in Wendy's (frosties. Yum) really make my day. :)



    And nod. The long, projected fantasy series was first rough-drafted when I was about 11 or 12, so I know what you mean. It's easy to think of them as real people. I've stayed up late at night worrying about them getting out of the nasty situation.