Sunday, May 4, 2008

Summer Buzz

It's me again, slogging my way through life. :)

I can't wait for summer time in a few short weeks. Warm weather, laughing kids, trips to the park and the zoo, and the most important change: plenty of time to work on chapters and other works.

Veiled Memory may have a name change, to Dangerous Silence, though I haven't decided yet. Up to 50k words now, with three more chapters to go. But lately, with a hectic work schedule, I haven't had enough quality time to devote to it. Not that the muse is letting me forget about it. It is very much like an itch that can't be reached, nibbling at my sleep, jotting down quick notes, and embarrasingly, mumbling to myelf while at work. This usually ends with me trying to explain to a customer why I was staring slack-jawed at empty air and muttering cryptic words like "key of Conall" or "Silvren in spring".

Ah well. I'm a writer. I'm expected to be a lunatic.

Summer is coming. And I'm stoked. I hope to finish this novel by then, do another hard copy edit, and maybe start trying for publication with this one. Who knows?

Next post, I think, will be some favorite lines or paragraphs from the novel. Who knows? If any of my readers happens to be an editor, let me know. Boy, do I have a book for you. :)

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